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Pearls of Wisdom    6 March, 2013
Cultivate CompassionGuruji 
Compassion is a powerful virtue.  It can be our companion in the hardest of times.  It helps develop strength of heart and opens us to face and to learn from even the harshest realities.  Growing compassion is a sign of spiritual maturity, a sign that we are increasingly sensing the oneness of us all.  We may not be able to find happiness in troubled times, or feel love.  Our minds may be too shaky to think things though clearly, but we can always stand in the presence of compassion- for others and for ourselves.  In fact, true compassion never excludes us.  Compassion shines like the sun.  It doesn't  discriminate between gender, lifestyle, faith tradition, nationality, or race.  It shines its healing warmth on us all.  That is why living the Golden Rule is indispensable to spiritual growth.  Right now, extend your compassion to someone and let that compassion express as
acts of loving-kindness.
OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Our Brothers and Sisters at Naturally Yoga have opened the lovely Nectar Café  - serving Cold Pressed Juices, Smoothies, and Vegan/Vegetarian Cuisine


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