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Subject: Perfection that Leads us to Liberation
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Pearls of Wisdom   10 April, 2013
Perfection that Leads us to Liberationguruji-jayanthi2011 
Perfection can be a wonderful ideal or a curse.  It is a curse if you view perfection as not making mistakes or not having any shortcomings.  No one can be always perfect on that level.  But there are three ways we can be perfect: first we can be pure in heart.  The Sanskrit word for this is mumuksha, an intense longing for liberation.  The second way we can be perfect is to love and serve all.  The third way is perfection in action: the combination of selfless motive, skillful means, and bringing benefit to someone.  These three perfections lead us to liberation.
OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
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