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Subject: Experiencing Our Limitations
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Pearls of Wisdom    13 March, 2013
Experiencing Our LimitationsGuruji
When the things that we hoped would bring us security ultimately fail (they always do), and when our efforts to conquer the unexpected twists and turns of life also fail, we become humbled.  We learn that life is bigger, stronger than our will - and beyond the mind's ability to comprehend it.  But this is not necessarily a story with a sad ending.  Instead, experiencing ourselves as flawed and limited beings transforms us when we discover that God fully embraces us as we are.  This loving embrace was always present, but we couldn't experience it because we forgot to look in our hearts.  At our core, in our heart of hearts, we are one with God and each other in love.  Who we already are is more than enough. 
OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

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