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Subject: A Special Message about the Sandy Hook Tragedy
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Pearls of Wisdom    19 December, 2012
 A Special Message about the Sandy Hook Tragedy 
Guruji in prayer
Reverend Jaganath Carrera


Our prayers and positive thoughts are with the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy, their families and friends, and also to the gunman. Incidents like these truly test our faith. Our hearts experience shock and grief. We may believe that life is not a nonsensical affair, yet be overwhelmed by the incomprehension of it all. That is a natural reaction. But, even though it may be beyond the mind's ability to understand why it happened, let us not make room for fear and anger. These emotions are like poisons that extend the tragedy.

Let's not allow an act born and birthed in the despair, chaos, and blind ignorance of darkness to blot out the Light. The Bible declares that darkness shall never overcome the Light. Let us strive to serve as channels for that Light, sharing its peace, compassion, understanding, tolerance, faith, love, and service to all. Let us daily affirm our commitment to realizing our Inner Self. The Self is beyond suffering, fear, and doubt. It is who we truly are: the Light of the world.

  OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti



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