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Subject: Learn to Accept Life
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Pearls of Wisdom   24 April, 2013
Learn to Accept Lifeguruji-jayanthi2011 
As we mature spiritually, we are exposed to many invaluable lessons in life.  But being exposed to them does not necessarily mean that we learn from them.  Life is much more complex than we imagine or hoped it would be.  Haven't we noted that good and evil or friend and foe are not so simply identified?  We learn that daily joys are transitory, that life is transitory.  Those who grow spiritually have learned to accept life.  They have surrendered their idealistic and unrealistic expectations of life.  Great sages and saints have learned that difficulties don't mean that life is broken or going wrong.  They have learned that it was their expectations that caused pain and disappointment, that strangled much of the joy and beauty out of life.  Acceptance of whatever comes, whenever it comes, and however it comes is the best remedy to cure suffering.
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