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Subject: Awaken to See the Truth
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Pearls of Wisdom    27  February, 2013
Awaken to See the TruthGuruji
The purpose of wisdom teachings is not simply to comfort and inform, but to challenge our beliefs and even our way of life.  Without that challenge, we are too often inclined to do whatever is easier, accepted by society, and what we are told is "right."  That state can rightly be called spiritual sleep.  We need to awaken to see truth for ourselves.
OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

For some time, students of Reverend Jaganath have been offering prayers for all those in need. Every day, they remember those who are in a particular time of need and  those marking auspicious or significant milestones as well as all beings everywhere. Those who have been praying have experienced wonderful benefits, as well as those that have been prayed for. You are welcome add names to our prayer list or to join us in this practice. If you would like to add a name to our prayer list and/or receive the prayer list emails so that you may join us in prayer, please email





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