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Subject: I AM
Pearls of Wisdom                            27 October, 2010
Reverend Jaganath at the October 2010 Retreat. 

Moses asked God, "What should I tell them your name is?" God told Moses to tell them "I AM, THAT I AM."
"I am John. I am Linda." Unconsciously, we repeat God's name as part of ours all the time.  "I AM" is pure consciousness.  It is who we truly are.
OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.
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Bringing Yoga Home:  In Relationships
 Satsang at Fairlawn Integral Yoga Institute
Tuesday, 26 October
9am - 10:15am
Fairlawn Integral Yoga Institute
21-03 Maple Ave., Fairlawn, NJ
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The Book of Job
Friday, 29 October
7pm - 9pm
613 Ridge Road, Suite 110, Monmouth Junction, NJ
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$20 advance registration, $25 at the door
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