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Subject: Yoga Is A Transformative Way of Life
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Pearls of Wisdom      30 January, 2013
Yoga Is A Trasformative Way of Life
Aren't you curious about the real depth and breadth of Yoga?  Why wouldn't you try to explore all its glories and joys?  Yoga is not just physical practices, or even philosophy and meditation.  Yoga is a practical,  transformative way of living life.  It is a reshuffling of priorities. Yoga understands that we must confront our limitations, suffering, and ignorance head on.  This requires dedication to a well-worn path.  If we partake of only a bit of what is available (often only that which is comfortable and fun for us), we might miss the fullness of the teachings- and of who we truly are.
OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Beloved Selves,

Hari OM. Greetings of Peace and Joy.

I am blessed to have received manly well wishes on my birthday, too many to respond to personally. In our tradition, we give rather than receive a gift on our birthday. All I can do is say that I will continue to serve you all to the best of my ability. I live to serve you all. That is my joy.

One more gift: there is no doubt, no doubt, no doubt, that the Yoga Life is one of great joy and fulfillment. May you all reap the full sweet fruits of this life soon and spread the Light of Truth and Love everywhere to everyone in selfless service.

Thank you for getting use out of this humble instrument.

Love and Blessings





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