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Subject: Acceptance is love
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Pearls of Wisdom                                6 July, 2011
Reverend Jaganath Carrera

Acceptance is love


Unconditional acceptance is unconditional love. But there is a higher love still. When the love in our hearts intensely yearns to break free of all bonds; when we are almost desperate to bring even more love into and through us and into the world, we find there is only one way. In a mysterious paradox, we find that all of who we are - what we think, believe, hope - has to go in order to experience that love. It is love in which there is utterly no thought and no feeling of self - no thought of reward or happiness or anything coming to us at all. It is pure, eternal, and One. It heals and brings harmony. It is God. We can't make it happen by our own effort alone.  It starts with serving others. It grows when we find that we care more for the welfare of others than for ourselves. It thrives in the spirit of lovingkindness and self-sacrifice. It is the blooming of pure Divine love through us. 

Live to know that love.


OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti   


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