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Subject: Asteya, The Yogic Practice of Non-Stealing
Pearls of Wisdom                               9 February, 2011
Jayanathi 2010
Rev. Jaganath Carrera
Asteya, The Yogic Practice of

Asteya, or non-stealing, not only refers to not shoplifting, but also to not owning more than what you need. When purchasing something, it can help to ask, "Do I really need this?" Your life need not be barren of objects, but objects that aren't useful in service can just add clutter and anxiety. Asteya also means not stealing from Mother Earth, for example, by driving a car that gets poor gas mileage.  Mother Nature is ready to supply us all our needs, but not all our greed. Treat her with reverence and respect.
OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti  




**Shivaratri: The Night of Shiva **

Shiva is the Lord of all Yogi's. During the time of the new moon in February, Shivarati is celebrated.  This is when the mind is most open and sensitive.  Tradition states that any sadhana or practices done during that night is magnified 1000x's, reaping multiple benefits.  We will explore stories of Shiva, learning the symbols and deeper meanings of Nataraj, the Dancing Shiva.  Sing chants to Shiva.  At the end of the evening an Arati, waving of lights  will be performed.  This is sure to be a beautiful and uplifting evening. 

Friday, 11 February
7:30pm - 9:30pm
Grace Lutheran Church of Freehold
200 Park Ave. (at Main St.)
Freehold, NJ
(Just a few blocks from Freehold Yoga Center)
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