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Subject: Act More from the Heart
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Pearls of Wisdom   5 June, 2013
Act More from the Heartjayanthi2011   
As soon as we are certain about theories of Yoga, of life, and of the Absolute, we are operating from the intellect, the thinking mind.  If we think that the thought formulas that we hold in the mind are truth, we are lost.  The idea of an apple pie is never as sweet as the pie itself.  On the other hand, we can learn to understand and act from our heart.  The heart is the receiver of Divine Guidance.  When it is open and pure, we will see that it gently nudges us in the right direction.  Then Yoga becomes a process of listening to life and allowing the heart to respond to it.  As Lord Jesus taught, "The pure in heart shall see God".
OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

  Lailat al-Miraj

Ascension of the prophet Muhammed

June 5




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