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Subject: Enlightened Encounters - debut edition
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January 2010
Hari OM Gurubhais:
Welcome to the first issue of Enlightened Encounters, a quarterly email for disciples of Sri Guruji Jaganath Carrera. The purpose of Enlightened Encounters is to provide a forum for sangha members to share inspiring stories in which Sri Guruji Himself, His teachings, or fellow sangha members served as support and guidance in times of challenge, change, and growth. In doing this, these stories will provide invaluable practical advice in living the Yoga life.
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Oy Vey A Guru!
by Karuna Lynne
I still have a hard time saying it without a little giggle.  "I have a Guru."  The word is so foreign on my Jewish-Jersey tongue.  How awkward I feel saying "Guru" to my friends, Yoga students and family.  Why is it so hard for me to say?  When using the word Guru, I am trying to convey that he is my teacher, my close friend, my spiritual advisor, and that there's something indescribably powerful when I hear him speak.  It is different than a parent/child relationship, more than a therapist or a life coach. I feel fully present around him.  Like a hummingbird with nectar, I drink in his words.
I knew that some people might wonder why I needed a Guru.  Honestly I hadn't known I needed one until I found myself with one.  Almost immediately a shift began to happen within me.  Most of my life I used food to fill an emptiness in my heart.  Whenever I lost a love, I felt great sadness and wondered what was wrong with me.  I then turned to eating.  Having a Guru helped me see that I was doing fine all by myself and I lacked for nothing.  I began to feel a closer relationship to all humankind and I wasn't lonely anymore.  I therefore didn't need to fill any emptiness.  Gradually, I began to see the graceful peace that drew me to my beloved Guru, was inside me as well.
 I have given up drinking alcohol at parties because I don't need that kind of high anymore.  I've given up late nights for early morning meditation practice.  Also I gave up thinking of sweets as a way to fill my empty heart.  On the other hand, I have not given up my grandmother's delicious matzo ball recipe, Jewish holiday celebrations, or my love of Bruce Springsteen.  I am still a Jewish woman who has next to her Garden State license plate a reminder for everyone and myself that what the world needs now is "Om Sweet Om." 
"Only a lit candle can light an unlit one."
Rev. Jaganath Carrera
This is an excerpt from Karuna's essay. Click here to read the complete text of Oy Vey A Guru!

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