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Subject: Enlightened Encounters - Special Jayanthi 2010 Edition
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February 2010
Hari OM Gurubhais:
Welcome to the special Jayanthi Issue of Enlightened Encounters.   Enlightened Encounters is a quarterly email for disciples of Sri Guruji Jaganath Carrera. The purpose of Enlightened Encounters is to provide a forum for sangha members to share inspiring stories in which Sri Guruji Himself, His teachings, or fellow sangha members served as support and guidance in times of challenge, change, and growth. In doing this, these stories will provide invaluable practical advice in living the Yoga life.
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 In the Service of Sri Guruji,
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On 23 January 2010, we celebrated the auspicious 60th Jayanthi of our Beloved Sri Guruji.  Below is an excerpt from a Tribute that was offered by Shanti Lemaire. 

Please visit the Jayanthi Webpage to read a description of the day, see some wonderful photos, and hear an excerpt from Guruji's Jayanthi message.

A Tribute to my Beloved Guruji Sri Reverend Jaganath Carrera Maharaj
by Shanti Lemaire
23 January, 2010
As an initiate, I have come to learn that with a Guru there is never a lack of a new challenge or an opportunity for spiritual growth.  Thank you for this, Beloved Guruji.  You have brought such light, love and joy into my life.  While the path to find my Guru might have been long and filled with many detours, I thank the heavens everyday for leading me to You. 
The selfless service of Karma Yoga, meditation and study are the fruits You bring to our lives.  You teach Your disciples not only the sacred texts and their meaning, but how to live these teachings - to bring them into our daily lives and have them transform our every act, our thoughts, our decisions.  So while a good teacher can teach the sacred texts of Yoga.  You, Beloved Guruji, create the opportunities for us to Live Yoga.  To see God's and Guru's love as unbounded and full of Peace.  The challenges we come up against are there to set us free, they lift us up and expand our vision.  You shine that Light of awareness into my very being and allow me to see glimpses of my True Nature.  
Within me, there is You, Sri Guruji.  At times I feel the heat of your teachings.  The confusion sets in and then begins the transformation of preconceived notions that need to be broken down and removed before the Guru's Grace can enter and open my heart.   You speak of God's voice as just a whisper and how we have to attune ourselves through service and practice to listen to that wisdom.   You speak about what we long for is right there within us, that all we need to do is to turn our heads ever so slightly to see all the beauty that ever existed.  Oh, how this must pain You, to know that we are so very close and not wanting any of us to give up this journey that is so rich in rewards. 
At times, I feel that the only reason You are still here is just for Your disciples.  You selflessly serve all of us on this miraculous journey and share in our small triumphs and stumbles along the path.  With Your infinite patience You guide, and protect us along the way.  Never once have I seen You express something other than what You teach. 
Beloved Guruji, I am forever Your student.  I am humbled to my very soul that I have received in this lifetime the very gift of Your presence.  How lucky I am to be so near to You.  I know that You are with me each and every day.  I am blessed to serve You, to receive Your glance, to pranam at Your Holy feet.  You teach us never to miss an opportunity to serve; there is another teaching, never miss an opportunity to be with the Guru.  It is a great boon/gift to be here celebrating Your 60th Jayanthi. 
While the body might seem like bondage to those who have experienced the greatness of all that is, Your Blessed body and being here is a path to freedom for Your initiates.  So, while my higher wisdom knows that someday you need to drop Your covering, I know that we will never truly be without Your Grace and Guidance.  My prayers are that You stay for 60 more years, aah much more than 60.  And when it is time for You to move on, I pray that we may all continue to hear Your whisper, that we may tilt our heads ever so slightly to experience Your love, and our hearts will open and You will fill us to the brim with pure unbounded joy.
With Love and Devotion,
Shanti Lemaire- Disciple
23 January 2010
This is an excerpt from Shanti's Tribute to Guruji from Jayanthi 2010.
 Click here to read the complete text of Shanti's Tribute.

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