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The Open Heart....Thoughts from Guruji
A Quote from Sri Swami Satchidananda Maharaj
Sri Guruji's 58th Jayanthi (Birthday) Celebration
YLS Holiday Satsang at FYC
The 1st YLS Arts Festival - See the Photos!!
Upcoming Programs with Sri Guruji
YLS Website & Other Quick Links
YLS Hatha Style Classes
Now Being Taught!
 Padma Patricia Canning ( , YLS's  President, has opened YLS's first Yoga studio located at GoodSports located at 2903 Hwy. 138 East, in Wall Township, NJ.   Padma can be reached at 732-681-0990 for information about classes.    
Up north, Bhavani Josephine DiRito 
( -  phone  201-873-8503)  is also teaching YLS hatha classes at the MVP Tae Kwon Do Center located at 8 Railroad Ave., in Rochelle Pk., NJ. 
In West Jersey, Uma Friedman
( will be opening her home, located at 4 Green Ave., Lawrenceville, NJ, phone 609-712-2270, as a Yoga Life Center and offering YLS Hatha classes.   Please email for class schedules and/or call ahead for class schedule. Be sure to stop by and experience hatha Yoga as taught by Sri Guruji, accessing healing & peace on a deeper, more profound cellular level. 
Meditation Teacher Training
with Sri Guruji Reverend
Jaganath Carerra
3 March - 5 May, 2008
Integral Yoga Institute,
Fairlawn, NJ
For further information and to register, please call
  It's cold outside.  Warm up with thoughts of being at 
YLS's Summer Retreat
June 20 thru 22, 2008
Mt. St. Paul
Oakridge, NJ
Stay Tuned for Further Details
FYC:  Five Satsang Series:
Experience the Fullness of Yoga

 The first five satsangs that begin our 2008 schedule offer something very special:  a comprehensive exploration of the major branches of Yoga.  This is a rare opportunity to learn authentic, classic Yoga directly from a master teacher.  Whether you are new to Yoga, an experienced yogi, or a Yoga teacher, these are not-to-be missed satsangs.
Learn how you can make simple, effective changes right now that can bring greater health, peace, and joy into your life.
It's not necessary to attend any one satsang to make sense of the others, but, if you attend all five satsangs from January to May, please accept our gift to you - your choice of one satsang CD or DVD. 
Jan. 11 - You Are Nothing Less Than Everything You Ever Wished For:  The Path of Jnana Yoga
Feb. 8 - Yoga's Greatest Secret:  Karma Yoga
March 14 - The Power of Sound - Happiness, Healing, and Peace:  The Path of Japa Yoga.  Special guest Priya Dakshina, master kirtanist and vocalist will join Rev. Jaganath
April 11 - The Yoga of the Heart:  The Path of Bhakti Yoga.  Special guest - Priya Dakshina, master kirtanist and vocalist will join us, adding her voice in chant and song.
May 9 - The Royal Path:  The Path of Raja Yoga
June 13 - Becoming Whole and Happy:  Living the Sacred Life
backgroundThe Open Heart
- by Reverend Jaganath Carerra
Love is never idle.  It always seeks the welfare of others.
The true nature of the love is like water.  Its nature is to flow.  It is like water.  Flowing water brings life.  It nourishes and cleanses.  The power of water to flow and express itself is unstoppable.  Even when water is restricted, it still finds a way to move in the form of vapor.  Like water, this quality of love is so powerful that nothing can ultimately resist its power to  flow and express itself.
Love expresses most fully not just as kind words and deeds, or hugs and kisses, but as selfless service to others.  When we serve, we fully realize the love that is already within us as our True Nature.  Everyday, find some way to bring benefit to someone else.  The efforts need not be heroic or dramatic.  We can let an elderly person in front of us on line at the grocery, we can pick up a candy wrapper off the sidewalk, we can pray for the wellbeing of all creation - in all these ways and more, the love that is within will find its way out.  The greatness of this is that we are nurtured by the very same loving act that we have dedicated to someone else. 
All virtues come naturally when the heart is open.  Patience, mercy, honesty, and integrity will be ours naturally.  Not only that, the mind can focus more clearly and steadily.  The body's health improves and the mind is uplifted.  Love is the key that unlocks all that we seek. 
That is spirituality.  That is the Yoga life.                                                                        
GurudevA Quote from
Sri Swami Satchidanandaji Maharaj

"Not only does charity begin at home. Everything begins at home, including spirituality."

                                                    OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
Only a few days left to RSVP!!
Kindly RSVP by Tues., 15th Jan., 2008 to
Sri Guruji's 58th Jayanthi
(Birthday) Celebration

You are warmly invited to join us for the 58th pada pujaJayanthi (birthday) celebration for our beloved Sri Guruji.  All are welcome to attend as we express our gratitude for Guruji's guidance and blessings in our lives.


There will be a puja (worship service), wonderful entertainment, and heartfelt tributes.  A festive meal will be shared following the day's events. The celebration is free of charge and no gifts are necessary.


Please join us on

Saturday, 26th Jan., 2008, 2pm-5pm

Naturally Yoga,

175 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ


backgroundYoga Life Society
Holiday Satsang 2007
"Two Thoughts to Transform Your Life"
 The Yoga Life Society recently held our annual Holiday Satsang at the Freehold Yoga Center, which included a prayerful lighting of the menorah and a "Toys 4 Tots" collection displayed under the Christmas tree. The group Rasa Lila then conducted beautiful chanting, preparing us for the main event: our beloved Guruji Rev. Jaganath Carrera and his talk "Two Thoughts to Transform Your Life." The two thoughts, which usher in great spiritual growth are: #1- There is that which brings pleasure and there is that which is beneficial, the wise choose that which is beneficial. (Katha Upanishad) Our minds tend to look for the immediate result, not the long-term effect. #2- Tapas: Accept pain as a help to purification. (Patanjali's Yoga Sutras) Here, Guruji is advising those who are not "doing Yoga" but are "living Yoga". Pain is always a sign that a limitation has been reached. The good thing about this is that when we recognize we are at a limit, we can do something to overcome it through such practices as meditation, introspection, prayer, selfless service, etc. We too often get our guidance from commercial media, where a "If it feels good, do it" philosophy is popular, though resoundingly misleading. Yogis seek to do not what is easiest, not what is hardest, but what is right. 
Reported by Narani Lorelli 
backgroundThe "Toys for Tots" collection at the YLS Holiday Satsang at Freehold Yoga Center was a huge success.  A great big THANK YOU!!!! to all those that participated.
Let's plan on building an even bigger bouquet of toys around the YLS Christmas tree for the children at next year's Holiday Satsang! 
arts festYoga Life
Arts Festival
On December 8th the Yoga Life Society hosted its first Arts Festival.  Many gave of their time, creativity, heart and passion to create this successful event.  I am humbled by your dedication, thank you!  How lucky we are to know and have the support of such an amazing group of creative people.  The performing artists included the most talented singers, musicians and kirtan chanters that I have ever heard.  It worked out nicely that the performers and craftspeople could set up all in one artroom at the Red Bank Internet Cafe.  It was fun shopping for a unique holiday gift while listening to the positive, uplifting songs that sprung from the stage.  Special thanks goes to flute player, Larry Butler, singer/songwriter, Sharon Silverstein, kirtan chantress, Robin Renee/Keshavani, the vocal stylings of Stephen Wise/Katriel, guitar virtuoso Joshua Silverman, and the youngest members of the Yoga Life Society who performed a play inspired by the story of how God lives in all of us, told to us by our beloved Guruji.  There were also such beautiful crafts to choose from.  The room was filled with unique jewelry, cards, Christmas tree decorations, photography, baby items, gem stones, yoga bags, purses, paintings and t-shirts.
jazzI heard so much positive feedback from many festival goers regarding how warm, inviting and inspiring the energy in the room was.  I'm looking forward to the next Arts Festival possibly in the Spring.  We're looking at a shore location the time and place TBA.  Until then, happy 2008 and start preparing a new batch of artwork to sell/perform!
Om Shanti, Karuna Lynne
Log on to to enjoy more photos from the YLS Arts Festival
artUpcoming Programs
with Sri Guruji
Encounters with
the Eternal
      Wednesday, January 6, 
7:30 pm-9:30 pm
             Naturally Yoga,
175 Rock Glen Road, Glen Rock, NJ
           -Suggested Donation $15
The Nature of Desires:  Good or Bad
Friday, January 25,  9:15 am - 10:45am
Integral Yoga of Fairlawn, (201)796-7585
-- Suggested Donation $12
Sri Guruji's 58th Jayanthi Celebration
Saturday, January 26, 2pm - 5pm
Naturally Yoga, (201)612-7330
-- Free
Yoga's Greatest Secret:  Karma Yoga
Friday, February 8th, 8pm - 10pm
Freehold Yoga Center, (732)462-Yoga
-- Suggested Donation $15
Boundless Love
Sunday, February 10th, 10am-12pm
Integral Yoga of Princeton, (609)851-1721
-- Suggested Donation $15
Jnana Yoga:  Who Am I?  Why Ask?
Friday, February 29th, 8pm - 9:30pm
Integral Yoga of Fairlawn, (201)796-7585
-- Suggested Donation $12

For more information on programs and the Yoga Life Society,

To schedule a satsang with Guruji or discuss potential program ideas, please contact Narani Lisa Lorelli, Guruji's Personal Assistant, at
YLS LogoYLS Mission Statement
The Yoga Life Society functions under the guidance of Reverend Jaganath Carrera, who is its founder and spiritual head. Based on the Integral Yoga teachings of Sri Swami Satchidananda Maharaj, it exists to foster the study and practice of the branches of Yoga, and to share these teachings with anyone seeking health, happiness, and peace.

Sri Guruji Reverend Jaganath Carrera

Reverend Jaganath, called Guruji by his students, is the founder-director of the Yoga Life Society and author of Inside the Yoga Sutras: A Comprehensive Sourcebook for the Study and Practice of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

He has been teaching all facets of Yoga since 1973 at universities, prisons, Yoga centers and interfaith programs both here and abroad.

He was a principle instructor of both Hatha and Raja Yoga for the Integral Yoga Teacher Training Certification Programs for over twenty years and established the Integral Yoga Ministry. He also co- developed the Integral Yoga Meditation and Raja Yoga Teacher Training Certification programs.

Guruji served for eight years as chief administrator of Satchidananda Ashram -Yogaville and founded the Integral Yoga Institute of New Brunswick, NJ.

Guruji in prayer
OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
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