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Pearls of Wisdom
25 March 2010
 Guruji and Friends
Sri Guruji at Guru Poornima 2009
Even This Is For My Ultimate Goal
Surrender is the active side of faith. It is learning to accept whatever comes our way as an opportunity for growth and learning. Surrender brings wisdom, freedom, and joy. Opportunities to cultivate it occur when our beliefs confront realities that differ from our conceptions or expectations. In every challenge, remind yourself that, "Even this is for my ultimate good." With patience and mindfulness, you will experience for yourself the truth of these words. Surrender is the outcome of a vision of life based on trusting there is divine wisdom behind all events. 
 OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
11 July, 2010
11am - 4pm
Riverdale Senior Community Center
57 Loy Ave.
Riverdale, NJ 07457
Email Shanti for more info.
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 of Guru Poornima
Don't miss this auspicious occassion and wonderful opportunity to be with our sangha.
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