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Pearls of Wisdom
14 April 2010
Sri Guruji at His 60th Jayanthi, January 2010.
 Enjoy the Little Things 
In order to more fully appreciate life's beauty, take time to enjoy the little things. What a wonder to find a penny on the ground, to have the eyes to admire nature's glory, or to have the openness of mind and heart to treasure another person's virtue. It is from such humble joys that compassion, peace of mind, generosity, and joy are born.

 OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
11 July, 2010
11am - 4pm
Riverdale Senior Community Center
57 Loy Ave.
Riverdale, NJ 07457
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Don't miss this auspicious occassion and wonderful opportunity to be with our sangha.
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