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Pearls of Wisdom
16 December 2009
A very sweet depiction of
Sri Guruji by disciple and personal assistant to Guruji, Narani Lorelli, December 2007
Infinite Possibilities
It is good to live in the present moment. But we can also get stuck in a facsimile of the present. When we are ignorant of the past - including our past, and can see no meaningful future, we cling to what we can accumulate in the present. This rigid, stagnant, and unnatural present is where we  buy, acquire, and strive to accomplish. But all these things have no real meaning without knowing who we are and knowing that our future is nothing less than the highest joy and love - a bliss which no words can contain. To truly live in the present is to be open to the infinite possibilities that each moment holds. It is to accept whatever comes our way, whenever it comes, and however it comes as part of our process of spiritual growth.  
OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti   
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