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Subject: "Getting Through Difficult Situations" - YLS Weekly Pearls of Wisdom
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Pearls of Wisdom
9 September 2009

Sri Guruji in a moment of prayer at Inner Light Yoga of No. Brunswick, NJ - January, 2005 
Getting Through
Difficult Situations
Have you ever noticed that life often isn't easy? How many times have you felt like giving up on your goals? Obstacles are part of life. They are not punishments from God. They exist to help us unfold our inner strength and our hidden qualities. Have faith in the One who put you here. You are here for a divine purpose. Look within, look to God, look to the support of fellow seekers. No situation ever comes to us without the grace to get through it and to grow from it.
OM Shanti Shanti Shanti
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"Experience the Full Force of Yoga:
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Satsang at Freehold Yoga Center
Friday, 11 September
8pm - 9:30pm
Freehold Yoga Center
3 W. Main St., Freehold, NJ
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"Back To School" Mini Yoga Retreat
Riverdale Senior Community Center
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Sunday 13 September 2009
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Freehold Yoga Center
3 West Main Street - Freehold, New Jersey 07728
Thursday 17 September 2009
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Friday, 16 October
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7 North Willow, Suite 3 Montclair, NJ
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IYI of Fairlawn's Autumn Yoga Retreat
Raja Yoga Weekend Intensive with
Swami Karunananda and Rev. Jaganath Carrera

Fri. - Sun., 16-18 Oct.
Mount Paul Retreat Center, Oak Ridge, NJ
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Trip to Satchidananda Ashram - Yogaville
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Thurs. - Mon., 5-9 Nov.
Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville
108 Yogaville Way
Buckingham, VA 23921
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