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Subject: Stick to Your Path
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Pearls of Wisdom  17 July, 2013
Stick to Your PathGuruji  

If we look at the history of many faith traditions, we see that the great sages and prophets were not only not always welcomed, but shunned, ostracized, or even killed.  One reason is that the liberated mind transcends the limitations of ritural and custom.  The liberated mind knows that scripture and ritual point to a  Divine Truth, but are not the Truth itself.  Therefore, they are seen as outsiders, nuisances, or threats.  It is not so different now.  How many have gotten involved with the Yoga life and found others thinking they were just going through a phase, joining a cult, or destined for eternal damnation?  When you have found a path that nurtures you, stick to it no matter what the world says.  If we blindly follow the ways of the majority, we will never grow to spiritual maturity.  Be courageous. 
Listen to you heart.
OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti





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