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December 2006
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Guruji's Jayanthi Celebration!
Guruji in prayer

Beloved Friends,

On 14th January 2007, i invite you to join us in honoring Sri Guruji Reverend Jaganath Carrera Maharaj as we celebrate our beloved Guruji's 57th Jayanthi (birthday).
The auspicious event is marked by a puja ceremony and various offerings of gratitude for Guruji's presence in our lives. He truly is the embodiment of the teachings and to have a precious moment in time to honor such a beautiful soul is a very blessed gift.

The ceremonies will be followed by a festive meal for all to share.

This beautiful occasion will be held at the Inner Light Yoga Center in North Brunswick, NJ, on
14 January 2007 2pm-5pm.

Please RSVP by
9 January 2007

E-Invitations were emailed with an RSVP link for your convenience.

If you did not recieve an
e-vite please email me at and i will be happy to send you one asap.


Joyful New Year!

"Truth is One, Paths are Many"


Sri Swami Satchidananda Maharaj, Guruji's beloved Master, taught that "Truth is One, Paths are Many". The Bhagavad Gita teaches "As men approach Me, so I receive them. All paths, Arjuna, lead to Me.". In this new year, let us keep this message in our minds and hearts. Let us accept our diversity and honor the Divine Light which lives in each of us.

6 January - Epiphany:
This event signifies the wise men visiting the new born baby Jesus. It is symbolic of the revealing of the Divine Light to the world.

20 January - Muharram:
New Year's Day in Islam

21 January - World Religion Day, Baha'i:
It is a day dedicated to the unity of all the world's faiths.

Previous Freehold Satsang: "Joy Is Your Nature: Experience It Now!"


Hari OM, All–
On Friday, December 8th, a Holiday Satsang was held at the beautiful Freehold Yoga Center. We collected a “mountain of toys” for Toys for Tots, which were then transported to a central collection site by Arulaji and her husband Joe. (Thank you!)

The opening of the program included a Chanukah blessing, lighting of the menorah, and a group singing of “Joy to the World” all led by Karunaji. (Thank you, too!)

Then, Guruji began. First, He discussed some of the history and symbolism of the various religious holidays, and encouraged us to enjoy the sweetness available in each and every one of them. “It’s like if you are little and you know if you are nice to your mama, she will give you a cookie. Well, if you’re nice to all the mamas, not just your own, you get more cookies!”

Next, Guruji spoke on the topic “Joy Is Your Nature, Experience It Now.” Renunciation is key (however difficult.) We still think there’s something out there we can obtain that will make us happy. Yes, maybe we experience pleasure for a little while, but always there is change. Things of the world, no matter how beautiful, can only give temporary peace. Why settle for the crumbs that fall from the table when our Divine Parents own the whole Bakery? We are confused and looking in the wrong place for lasting fulfillment. Selfish attachment to material and psychological pleasures is an obstacle that keeps us from experiencing eternal Joy, our true nature; if we renounce our selfish attachments, we will find that the very thing we’re looking for, crying for, and grasping for, we already are. Every want we drop, brings us closer to Home.

What we’re talking about is liberation–to be free from every fear, every limitation - no anger, resentment, envy, or jealousy. This requires redirecting our passion towards the Divine, in whichever form the Beloved takes for us, being seated in our true nature and plugging into the all-powerful Source, our will aligned with That.

So, Guruji gave us an assignment to spend the next week not being so attached to things “going wrong” and “not working,” when we’re not getting what we want. He suggested that anytime there’s a challenging situation, accident, illness, etc., we should say “Thanks Lord for this gift, this is what I need.” Even if it’s painful we should think, “God has come to me in the form of this disease, this leak in my roof, my best friend."

As I’m preparing this piece, I look up at my lovely Christmas tree, where I painstakingly wove 5 strings of lights, and find that one string in the middle has gone dark. This is an inconvenience (seemingly minor, perhaps, but sadly, in years past it could’ve pushed me over the edge!) Well, today I say “Thank you, Lord, this is what I need.” I come to see those lights on my tree are just temporary pleasures that can and will burn out at any time. I don’t place my faith there. Thank you, Sweet Mother, Father, Friend, Beloved God for the eternal Light You have woven in my heart and in the hearts of humankind, it is the Light that never burns out. That’s where I place my faith and devotion. And I feel the Real Power. (Thank you, Guruji.)

I close with Guruji’s final words in closing the satsang: “Yoga is the Science of Joy. It’s what you are here to experience. A little bit of effort now; many tasty treats later. I wish you Holidays filled with Joy, Peace, the Spirit of service, and lots of fun on every level.”
In service to the teachings,
(17 Dec. 2006)

Upcoming Satsangs With Guruji


The Three Precious Jewels:
Secrets for Success in Yoga
Freehold Yoga Center,
Freehold, NJ
12 January 2007, 8pm

New Beginnings: Making Meditation Work
Integral Yoga Institute, Fairlawn, NJ
26 January 2007, 8pm

Hope to see You there!

Toys For Tots: A Success Story

gift box

As Naraniji mentioned in her satsang update, the Toys For Tots collection at the last satsang was a huge success. A great big THANK YOU!!! to all those who participated.

YLS Board of Trustees and a Personal Thank You to Our Beloved Karunaji


The Yoga Life Society has a new Board of Trustees; Karuna Lynn, Padma Canning, Narani Lorelli, Arula Perez, and myself, Bhavani DiRito. The Board will meet three times a year to discuss the direction and policies of the Yoga Life Society. Guruji will serve in the capacity of President and Prelate and is not considered part of the Board. Please know that we are deeply honored and humbled to be at Your service.

Also, in case you've been wondering, "Hey, where is Karuna and who is this new person sending me Guruji's Pearls of Wisdom and the latest YLS Newsletter?", here's a little story. As you may know, Karunaji is Guruji's right hand woman and due to her overwhelming responsibilities which she executes so gracefully, Guruji has decided to lighten Karunaji's load by appointing me, bhavani, as Communications Director for the YLS. In my panic of my new responsibilities Karunaji sweetly showed me the ins and outs of creating the correspondence and managing the email list. i want to thank Karunaji for all her efforts in helping form the YLS and for being an instrumental part of it's growth. Beloved Sangha, i pray i can serve You half as well as she does. Karunaji, from my heart, Thank You.

Warmest Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year. May You and Yours Experience the Truth of Unshakable Peace and Boundless Love Now and Always.

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

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