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Subject: Reducing Fear and Anger

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Sri Guruji and Lama Geshe Yeshe Thabke at the Labsum Shedrub Ling Tibetan Buddhist Learning Center in Washington, NJ.  The Center serves as the Dalai Lama's home here in the U.S. -  July 2006

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                                                              28 January, 2009
Hari OM Beloved Sisters and Brothers in Yoga,
This week's inspirational message from Sri Guruji Reverend Jaganath Carrera:
Reducing Fear and Anger
"Take special care to reduce fear and anger. Fear is at the ground of most of our suffering. It lives in the future and paralyzes the mind. Counteract it with faith, prayer, and introspection. Assert your True Nature. Roar out loud, "My Self is the Self in all." You are the child of God. One day, your liberation from fear will come. There is no doubt about this." 

                         OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti 
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The Benefits and Necessity of Discipline
Friday, 30 January
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 How To Be Happy
Saturday, 7 February
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Center For Health and Healing
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