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Subject: Reaching Your Goals
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Meditation Teacher Training with Sri Guruji
Rev. Jaganath Carrera

3 March - 5 May, 2008 

Integral Yoga, Fairlawn, NJ  
For further information and to register, please call
Pearls of Wisdom
                                                                                            2 January, 2008
Hari OM, Beloved Sisters and Brothers in Yoga,
This week's inspirational message from
Sri Guruji Reverend Jaganath Carrera:
Reaching Your Goals

"Every so often, check to see that you are living up to the goals you have set before yourself. It is easy to drift away from objectives. If you have gone off course, don't fret, just readjust and move forward. Learn from your mistakes. "

- OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Sri Guruji's 58th Jayanthi Celebration 

You are warmly invited to join us for the 58th OMJayanthi (birthday) celebration for our beloved Sri Guruji.  All are welcome to attend as we express our gratitude for Guruji's guidance and blessings in our lives.


There will be a puja (worship service), wonderful entertainment, and heartfelt tributes.  A festive meal will be shared following the day's events. The celebration is free of charge and no gifts are necessary.


Please join us on

Saturday, 26th Jan., 2008, 2pm-5pm

Naturally Yoga,

175 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ


Kindly RSVP by Tuesday, 15th Jan., 2008 to
Upcoming Programs

With Guruji


You Are Nothing Less Than
Everything You Ever Wished For: 
The Path of Jnana Yoga
Friday,  11 January, 8pm-10pm
Freehold Yoga Center, (732)462-YOGA
This satsang is the first of a 5 part monthly series, "Experience the Fullness of Yoga". Each month will focus on one of the major branches of Yoga.  It's not necessary to attend any one satsang to make sense of the others, but, if you attend all five satsangs from January to May, please accept our gift to you - your choice of one satsang CD or DVD. 

--- Suggested Donation $15

Living Your Values

Sunday,  13 January, 10am-12pm

The New!!! Integral Yoga of Princeton,

613 Ridge Road, Monmouth Junction, NJ (on Maple Rd. behind Old English Sq. Shopping Ctr.)
For more information contact Priya at (732)274-2410

--- Suggested Donation $15

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To schedule a satsang with Guruji or discuss potential program ideas, please contact Narani Lisa Lorelli, Guruji's Personal Assistant, at
Joyfully at Your Service,
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