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Subject: Weekly Pearls of Wisdom
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Pearls of Wisdom
5 April, 2007
Hari OM, Beloved Sisters and Brothers in Yoga,
This week's inspirational message from Sri Guruji Reverend Jaganath Carrera:
YLS Logo"Our limited minds can never fathom God's love for us. We are the beloved children of the Creator of the universe. Have you made mistakes in your life? God loves you. Do you have weaknesses and shortcomings? God loves you still. Are you too thin, chubby, wealthy, poor, healthy, sick, happy, or sad? God still loves you. How best to experience that love ourselves? Of course, we can find it in prayer, worship, meditation. But the very best way to experience God's love is to selflessly, and with loving-kindness serve others."
   OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti
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Raja Yoga Teacher Training
Certification Program with Swami Ramananda, Swami Bhaktananda,
Swami Karunananda and Reverend Jaganath Carrera
NY Integral Yoga Institute, (212)929-0586, New York City, New York:

Monday, 9 April thru Monday, 4 June
--- Fee: $900 Active IYI Teachers. Other Teachers $1000.
Deposit of $100 is required.
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Upcoming Satsangs with Guruji
Integral Yoga Institute, (201)796-7585, Fairlawn, NJ: 
Blessed are You: Yoga and the Beatitudes
Friday, 6 April, 9:15am-10:45am
--- Suggested Donation $12
Easter Service
Sunday, 8 April, 10am-12pm
--- Free
Freehold Yoga Center, (732)462-Yoga, Freehold, NJ: 
Bringing Yoga into Your Relationships
Friday, 13 April, 8pm-10pm
--- Suggested Donation $15
Inner Light Yoga Center, (732)951-1100, North Brunswick, NJ:
Raja Yoga
Friday, 20 April, 6:30pm- 9:30pm
Please note that this class is part of the ILYC's Yoga Teacher Trainee curriculum, but is open to the public.
--- Fee $25
Integral Yoga Institute, (201)796-7585, Fairlawn, NJ: 
Raja Yoga
Wednesday, 25 April, 7pm-10pm
Please note that this class is part of the IYI's Yoga Teacher Trainee curriculum, but is open to the public.
--- Fee $25
Truth is One, Paths Are Many: the Essential Teachings of Yoga

Friday, 27 April, 8pm-9:30pm
--- Suggested Donation $12
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Wishing You a Beautiful and Fun Holiday Season!
Joyfully at Your Service,
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