Yoga means "union," or "to unite." It is when we come together that we can more easily experience the joy and power of what Yoga offers, and what we can offer each other.  

We invite you to join us in any way that serves you well.

You are welcome to consider Yoga Life Society as a yogic home for you, somewhere where you can go to learn the theory and practical teachings of all branches of Yoga applied to daily life.

We also invite you to send ideas, your visions of what Yoga Life Society can do for you. If you have suggestions on how we can improve our service to you and others, please feel free to express that as well. Send your thoughts

Majestic or humble, city or country, apartment or house, there is no place like home. We all grow best at home. It is where we receive nurturing and feel secure. It is where the entire environment supports us. This is true for yogis, too. 

Our goal is to grow and serve others in the light and spirit of Yoga. Members of Yoga Life Society strive daily to uncover the unshakable Peace that is the True Nature and birthright of every human being and to live a life of selfless service and loving-kindness to one and all.

We are actively engaged in the process of finding a home. We can serve you better if we have a place of our own, a Yoga home where we can offer classes, workshops, teacher trainings, satsangs, dinners and other social events. We have plans to offer regular weekend Yoga retreats, establish a fine store for your yogic needs online, make podcasts of talks with Sri Guruji Reverend Jaganath available online. A home will make it easier for us to pool our resources to better serve you.

You can join in our effort of selfless service in various ways.
If this goal resonates in you and you would like to lend your support, we ask that you send your well wishes and prayers. You can also support our greater mission by joining us in praying that all be freed from suffering, find enduring peace and joy, the spirit of loving, selfless service, and the experience Self-realization.

Of course, if you share our vision and are inspired to make a financial contribution, we would welcome that as well. Every little bit helps. Your contributions will help us establish a home for Yoga, a place of tranquility and joy where all people of any faith tradition are welcome to come, study, and contribute. 

Although our goal is to be self-sufficient, donations from supporters bring a special, communal energy to all our efforts, enriching and empowering them. Yoga Life Society is a 501(c)(3) Non profit Organization.  All donations are tax-deductible.  Yoga Life Society is also eligible for Corporate Gift Matching, if your employer provides it.You can donate by credit card online, by clicking the link.                           We will email you a receipt.  

Tithing is different than a donation to charity The amount of the tithe was traditionally 10% of gross income (the word tithe literally means 1/10), but it need not be so. The idea is that the amount should not be given from excess (though that will certainly still benefit the recipient, it does not bring the same benefits to us). It isn't easy to choose to make a regular contribution that doesn't have an immediately visible return. Tithing should not be an unreasonable or oppressive process. Instead, it is meant to encourage a certain degree of sacrifice and reflection.  Tithing challenges us to examine and assess our priorities and decisions.

Peace of Mind Through Gratitude and Giving is an informative article by Sri Guruji. Please click here to read it.

If you would like to commit to tithing for 12 months and have the payments made automatically via paypal, please email and we will help you to set that up.

If you would rather mail a check for your donation or tithe, please email 

May you grow and thrive in the light of Yoga, always knowing all health, peace, joy, love and light.
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 Your donations to Yoga Life Society are tax-deductible.  
We are a recognized  Nonprofit/Tax Exempt Organization -501(c)(3).